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‘The glue for this show is obviously Buddy Holly and the audience expect the actor to bear more than a resemblance to the original, both in looks and vocal talent and Christopher Weeks fits the bill perfectly. In fact, I go as far as to say that he is probably the best Buddy since the original last performed in 1958. Not surprising, as Christopher is well known in the music world as an accomplished musician and jazz singer and having graduated from the Oxford School of Drama, he can act pretty damn well too.’

- Overtures 


‘Christopher Weeks played Buddy Holly and he didn’t disappoint. He had an amazing tone to his voice that resembled Buddy so well and he kept the audience engaged with his performance.’



‘Christopher Weeks was fantastic as Holly but he really came into his own in the second half where back to back hits transformed the theatre into a '50s concert hall.’

- Northampton Chronicle 


‘Can I please have CHRIS re-record every song I’ve done? Professional, quick, good communication, and amazing talent. Happily fixed a few tweaks and made my project come to life. Will definitely use again. He is a master. A+’

-David Schapiro

'Great experience and great result. Chris really listened to my expectations and surpassed them. Looking forward to future collaborations'

-Alexander Diemun

‘Chris was very easy to work with and extremely accommodating to my requests. I will use him many times in the future.’

-David Mastifino

'Chris is an exceptional singer and musician. I was desperately looking for a crooner-like voice with that warm, baritone timbre for my retro jazz song and I luckily came across his website. He showed great care on phrasing and intonation. I hope to collaborate soon again with this great artist! '

- Francesco Biondi

'Chris is an exceptionally talented vocalist and a pleasure to work with, highly recommended!'

- Charles Lovejoy

'Chris delivered a terrific vocal, with some extra creative effort on his part, and on time. I'm very happy and hope to work with him again.'

-Tony C.

'Chris is a great partner. He's a talented singer, very professional, and goes the extra mile. We are very happy with his work and looking to do another project with him soon. Highly recommended.'

- Arthur Pingrey

‘Christopher Weeks was on top form, especially in the second act, where he displayed mastery in vocals and showmanship. But more than anything, I loved his performance because he clearly loved delivering it. You could feel the energy radiating off him and I hope he has as much fun throughout the tour.’

- Its On Cardiff 


‘The songs are performed with tremendous energy and verve by Christopher Weeks, who arrives on stage asa slightly unsure and shy musician and transforms into a great showman before your very eyes as Buddy’s success takes hold.’

- I Love Manchester 


‘Buddy was Christopher Weeks at The Lowry opening night and he was terrific’ - Theatre Reviews North 


‘Buddy was played by Christopher Weeks, a talented actor, singer and guitarist. His vocals and guitar playing were outstanding.’

- Elementary Whats On 


‘At the performance I attended, the role of Buddy Holly was brilliantly played by Christopher Weeks who was able to effortlessly convey the true passion that Holly had for the music whilst showing off that geeky boyish Holly glee that people associate with his music and his performances’

- Musical Theatre Lives in Me

IMG_3899 2.jpg

‘An excellent performance by Christopher Weeks as Buddy Holly leads the show. I'm far too young to have been around during Buddy Holly's short heyday but watching Christopher is as close I'll ever get. Hearing the iconic songs sung by Christopher's magnificent voice is a delight too. If Buddy Holly was still with us he'd be very proud of the way Christopher plays him.’

- Beyond The Curtain 


‘Weeks portrays a very confident Buddy, who is happy in his own skin and knows his own mind. He does Buddy justice in his performance, vocals, guitar playing and movement.’

- Fairy Powered Productions 


‘I’m not sure Buddy leapt about on stage quite as much as Weeks does, but he brings an infectious enthusiasm to the role as well as being a great singer and accomplished guitarist!’

- Theatre South East 

‘Christopher Weeks, playing Buddy Holly, was an uncanny likeness to the late star, his voice and musician skills perfectly embodying the role. He brought an innocence to the role that truly presented Buddy as he was, believing that his talent was made for more than small time music, while remaining humble when he reached fame. Between the friendships, romance and passion, Christopher Weeks portrayal of Buddy made him endearing and admirable.’

- Coventry Bloggers 

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