Drama School Auditions

'I wasn't going to the audition to get anything: a job or money or validation. I wasn't going to compete with the other guys. I was there to give a performance. If I attached to the outcome, I was setting myself up to expect, and thus to fail. My job was to focus on character. My job was to be interesting. My job was to be compelling. Take some chances. Serve the text. Enjoy the process.'

-Bryan Cranston

Every actor is different, with different needs from a director or teacher. This is why I treat every student as an individual and work hard to understand them as a person and as a performer.


Drama School auditions are more popular than ever and, unfortunately, the vast majority of the tens of thousands of applicants are unsuccessful. My one-to-one sessions can make all the difference and give you that edge - confidence.


Together we will work on your pieces, but we will do much more than that. We will also work on improvisation, sight reading and interview technique so that you are prepared for every moment of the audition process. 

We will also work on one of the most anxiety-inducing aspects of the process - the Shakespeare speech. So often this speech can feel like a weakness, but together we will make it a great strength and an enjoyable experience!

So if you are looking to study with an industry professional currently working on a national production, who has been where you are and has struggled the same struggles, who has had students go on to some of the very best drama schools in the country and who believes that every aspect of this stressful process can actually be a lot of fun...


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